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Nimi: Obi (Iservel Dark Secret)


Syntymapaiva: 22.10.2007

Korkeus: 69cm
Paino: 37-39kg


  • Running in the muddy ditches, the current favorite being Wicken Fen.
  • Skinny-dipping in rivers and lakes (regardless the season) and boating.
  • Rolling (preferably in poo!)
  • Guarding, barking and playing.
  • My preferred past time would include pheasant and sheep chasing, squearing up to other Male dogs, playing with Bitches, and humping my bed but I am not allowed...
  • I do obedience and tracking training with my Mami.

Young Obi thought: 'I have cheeky eyes and a cheeky smile, and I can get away with anything!'

I am a Mami's Little Angel..why does she call me a Devil in disguise?

Adolecent Obi thought  'I realised that some things I just have to do when Mami tells me to.'

Adult Obi has realised that  'It is so much fun doing things with Mami!!'























Obi New Year's Day 2008, just over 3 months old.

New Years Day 2008

I do like rolling on everything that is rotten and foul, and if Iam quick enough (before Mami notices what I am up to), I always have a mouthful of the smelly stuff as well! Fox's poo, sheep's poo, cow's poo, dead rotten fish, dead frogs, rats, birds--you name it, I've eaten it! When I was just a pup I found a dead hedgehog and Mami told me off. Then the grass cutter came, and the hedgehog went into million little pieces. Well, Mami didn't realize, but I was snacking on these hedgehog nuggets for days! That was when I was a young puppy, aged 4.5 months!

Obi 4.5 months.



1.2 years of age.



Obi Lake District Wast Water September 2009. 2 year Birthday.

Do visit my blog and picture gallery to learn what I have been up  to. Mami writes the blog for me, and I apologise in beforehand if she rants and raves a bit too much. She does also talk about other people and dogs by their real names, and quotes bits from conversations, books, internet and DVDs. Sometimes she even gets the facts wrong, but I don't hold it against her, I hope you won't either.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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