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Name: Obi (BH Iservel Dark Secret) Ob3 Tr3 AD BH

DoB: September 22th, 2007

Height: 69cm on shoulders
Weight: 39kg


  • Running in the muddy ditches, the current favorite being Wicken Fen.
  • Skinny-dipping in rivers and lakes (regardless the season) and boating.
  • Rolling (preferably in poo!)
  • Guarding, barking and playing.
  • My preferred past time would include pheasant and sheep chasing, squearing up to other Male dogs, playing with Bitches, and humping my bed...
  • I do obedience, tracking and protection training with my Mami.

Young Obi thought: 'I have cheeky eyes and a cheeky smile, and I can get away with anything!'

Adolecent Obi thought  'I realised that some things I just have to do when Mami tells me to.'

Adult Obi has realised that  'It is so much fun doing things with Mami!!'

Mature Obi thinks: 'Gosh, life is great! I have a little Bruv'va and Mami walks around with food in her pockets and I get to play and eat!'

Obi New Year's Day 2008, just over 3 months old.

New Years Day 2008

I do like rolling on everything that is rotten and foul, and if Iam quick enough (before Mami notices what I am up to), I always have a mouthful of the smelly stuff as well! Fox's poo, sheep's poo, cow's poo, dead rotten fish, dead frogs, rats, birds--you name it, I've eaten it! When I was just a pup I found a dead hedgehog and Mami told me off. Then the grass cutter came, and the hedgehog went into million little pieces. Well, Mami didn't realize, but I was snacking on these hedgehog nuggets for days! That was when I was a young puppy, aged 4.5 months!

Obi 4.5 months.


I came home on Monday, 19th Nov, 2007. That was the day I first met my Mami. As soon as I saw Mami, I just knew she will be my Person.  Mami and Daddy picked me up from Surrey. I was a good boy on the way home, slept most of the way on Mami's lap. The first night she slept next to my bed on the floor. Next morning we drove to Woodgreen Animal Shelters an she bought me a massive crate which become my bed for next 7 months. Now I roam free, and have found my way to the sofa and even the Big Bed :-D

The first night in my new home! And a Doggie friend too!

Baby Obi 8 weeks old

Sleeping in Meadow's bed for comfort. Meadow was not too sure..

I am Mami's Little Angel

Soon 9 weeks old. Sleeping on my microwaveable "bag of wheat grains-warmer", my warm doggie~friend~substitute to sooth me to sleep!

Sweet! Needless to say, any observant dog owner would realise that the toys should not be there..I was an active young man, and got my Mami wrapped around my little paw in no time!

Click on the link to see my playing with my pop-up basket as a pup..Mami is not crying on the background, but laughing ;-) Shame the vid clip is so dark...

6 months, before my first trim.

"Is that a Labradoodle?" people kept asking when I was a Young Man--A labra-bloody-doodle?!?!

"No, he is a Giant Schnauzer : )"  Mami patiently repeated for 1.5 years. "Pardon?"

" A GIANT SCHNAUZER" (She replied like the British people do -just shout a bit louder when speaking to a foreigner) "Oh, a schnauzer. They are usually smaller, aren't they?"

"Yes, the miniatures are. He is a Giant Schnauzer." 

Honestly, how could they get it so wrong?

All smooth and handsome after coat coat has been done!

Smart Boy at 7 months.

8 months.

Handsome young man. 1 year 2 months of age.

Obi Feb 2009, 1 year 5 months old, in desperate need of a "haircut"!


2010:  I am  2.5 years of age now, and Mami says I am slowely "getting there." "Getting where?" you may ask. Well, somehow she has redirected my need to chase phesants into chasing flying pieces of pie--dunno which is better, but pie tastes nice and I always find it, and I am still to catch my first pheasant and have a taste...  



And, I suddenly found myself happily heeling on Mami's left side stairing her deep into her eyes, waiting for that pie to fly at me. I think this obedience stuff is great! I am "willing" my Mum to give me a piece of pie, and after I have driven her long enough, she always gives me a few bits and plays with me! She may well say that she is "getting me there", but I say that she is finally learning how to communicate with me clearly and what food I like

Before it was all a guessing game for me, she randomly clicked and rewarded me with some dog treats, and I was sort of happy to get the food (never tasted great...) but I always wasn'tsure what she wanted to reward me for.

Well, that was when I was young and my Mami was following the "ignore the bad behavior and reward the wanted behavior"-mantra...She mistook the mantra as Gosbel, and didn't realise that it was only to be applied to training the tricks (like "sit" "down" etc other silly things), NOT to general domestic behavior. For example, she never told me to be quiet in the car, she only rewarded me when I was quiet, but she didn't make it clear for me that I should be quiet. How was I supposed to know that I should be quiet?? And the list of things she didn't clarify to me goes on and on...

However, things changed radically after I turned 2 years old and was really becoming a "nuisance".  Mami took me to meet Adrian Hornsby at East Anglian Schutzhund Club, and the rest is history (as the Brits say). Now my life is much more simple- it's "no" and "good" and YES!" I have learned that "no" is bad as no fun ever follows the word, and the rest of it is brilliant fun. So, I try to stick to the fun. I still get into mischief, but Mami is much happier, and I am much happier as I know what is expected from me.


Some of my favorite hobbies....
Master of the Muddy Waters summer 2008.

Me and Ellie in Ely summer 2009. River Great Ouse.



No poo involved this time..I do like a good roll in a poo...