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My history with Giants go back to 1993 when I got my first Giant Rudi (Zimyrs Oban) from Zimyr's Kennel in Finland. Rudi and I lived happily in Finland for first 5 years of his life, until I qualified and moved to UK for work. Rudi stayed behind with my mother until the quaranteen laws were abolishd, and he flew over to London in spring 2001. We lost our old Giant Rudi X due to old age and ill health on 10.04.2007. He left a massive empty space in our lives- 13.5 years of beautiful life was over in one small sigh...we miss him terribly. Visit Rudi's page "In Memorium" to learn more about this wonderful Giant.

After Rudi was gone, we knew that a Giant was missing from out family, but we couldn't decide when and where from to have the next one. Importing an other one from Zimyrs in Finland was the obvious choice, but not possible due to the rigid pet travelling restrictions.

Then we saw Ledley (Draxpark Sharpshooter) at 9 weeks of age! That was it, we needed a Giant -NOW!!! And the British Giant appeared to be a proper giant as well, so only thing left to do was to find the right one for us.

Little did we know that within 2 weeks we would have our new little darling pi**ing on our rugs.

After a frantic search through all possible contacts, Draxpark guided us to useful websites and I found a small breeder called Iservel. We went to see the pups ("We have one coarse coated pup possibly available").

As soon as I say Obi my heart said "YES". A little 8 weeks old monster of a dog- full of energy, greedy as hell (nearly snapped Jose's fingers off when he got chicken wings!)--all in all, a total pest. Just the right dog for me, I thought! So, he came back home with us. Not really an ideal way of buying a puppy--however, I knew what I wanted, and Obi was perfect. Furthermore, we were able to see Obi's mum, 5 pups of the litter, and an other adult bitch from earlier litter. We saw where the pups lived, and we saw how Jose and the dogs interacted, and we were reassured that Jose treats all his dogs with respect, love and care. That was really important to us, and helped us to reason the quick decision to take Obi home there and then.

Obi came home on Monday, 19th Nov, 2007.

Obi 8 weeks old, the first night with us! Bless!!!

Baby Obi 8 weeks old


Sleeping in Meadow's bed for comfort. Meadow was not too sure..



Obi's family include "Mami" Mari and "Daddy" Rick. We live in a narrow boat on River Great Ouse. Often Ellie, a fiesty little terrierX comes and stays with us. Obi was pretty lonely after Meadow, our old Girl, had to go to Doggie Heaven when Obi was just over 1 year old. 



Obi and me on his 1st Birthday. Ellie is there, too.

NB "Solstice" in evening calm 2009 Little Ouse.

Daddy Rick and "Solstice" Middle Levels approaching Upwell after hull blacking 2009.


Rudi and Meadow 2004

Rudi and me in Ely 2006.



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