Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK

After Hadrian's Wall we headed to Seahouses beach- this turned out to be a brilliant idea. So peaceful after hard walking and livestock avoidance! Big empty beaches, Obi off the lead enjoying himself. An unspoild piece of Heaven.

Evening on the beach

Cheeky Monkey!

Obi's favorite position!


Lindesfarne Island- a tidal island with a charming little castle and ruins of an Cathedral. We red the tide timetable wrong and were driving in when the tide was coming up! Other drivers were looking hesitant and turning back, I said "Whimps! The time is just right, lets go!" there were warning signs everywhere showing a car in the sea up to the roof saying "Be careful, this could be your car if you don't pay attention to tide times!" Well, we got away with it. No problems. But we were stuck in the island for 5 hours before we could leave : ) Anyway, it was time well spent. A beautiful little island..

Lindesfarne Island

The beach behing Bumborough castle was vast and windy! We had the beach for ourselves, no other fool would walk there. I got facial exfoliation free of charge!

It was a bit windy...

The evening was much more calm. Cows on the other side of fence, Obi is fixated...

Evening calm.

We will definately go to Northumberland again! It is a long drive, but the area is so peaceful and unspoilt that it will be worth it!

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