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Obi, me, my brother Juha and his wife Dilek walked 95km of beautiful British countryside in 5 days. Bowness-in-Solway to Chollerford.

Most importantly, we survived! On Northumbrian beach after the walk.


Starting point. We did not know what to expect...

Starting point

Day 1: Bowness to Carlisle, 25km. A killer of a day to start with!

First 2 km behind us and Obi was playing up as the panniers were new and irritating.

Starting problems

Day 2 Carlisle- Walton 18km.  There was some time for fun in River Eden when leaving Carlisle.

River Eden

Obi was a good little walker. 35km behind us.

Obi is a good little walker

Freedom in the countryside.


End of day 2 at Walton- a tired boy in a farmhouse B&B. The farmer gave Obi a cow's horn as a welcome present (iiiik, not nice but apparently totally normal in farming world...). He loved his treasure, but fell a sleep, too tired to chew.

Day 3 evening- note Obi's treasure, the cow's horn on the floor. He was too tired to chew.

Day 3 Walton- Greenhead, 20km. Sometimes we had to walk on the road to avoid livestock, especially cows. Wall visible on right side.

The road was long and weather was hot...

Smart boy. I packed 5kg of dog food for him (to last 7 days). He only carried max 3-4kg, Me and my brother shared the rest. I'm glad I took dry food for him as there was nowhere to buy any food- not for us or the dog!

Obi's panniers. Ruff Wear, brilliant quality. Not waterproof, though. Obi tested them by lying in the river and soaked his dry kibble.

Day 4 Greenhead - Steel Rigg, 17km. We finally reached the most beautiful parts of the walk., Northumbrian National Park. This is the view to the valley. Not bad! The path followed the distant rigdes on the left.

Not a bad view...

The same ridges easily visible here. Lovely...

Lamb on the Wall.

It was along, long wall..

The wall was long..

Day 5 Steel Rigg - Chollerford, 18km. The only rainy day. It was pissing it down in the morning, the wind stayed with us all day!

Day 5- the rainy and windy day.

The wind went straight through Obi's head and tickled his brain! It made him even more mad than normally : )

It was windy!

Day 5, the last day of walking (we decided that night) as we failed to get dog friendly accommodation. Obi didn't need to be told to "settle down"!

Last night, 95km behind us. Obi fell asleep promptyl.

Anyway, the most beautiful parts of the walk were behind us, and day 6 Obi and me took a bus back to Bowness and got our car to continue the journey to Northumbrian coast. We walked an other 13km that day as buss went to Carlisle, but the connection to Bowness was 4 hours later! So, we walked half way to Bowness and cought the buss to Bowness.

It was a nice walk, we knew the route which was following River Eden and rucksacks were light- Obi had consumed his 5kg dog food! I carried his panniers to give him mis well deserved freedom!

Doesn't he look smart? 1 year and 9 months of age in Northumberland beach.

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