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I July 2008 Mami took me again for a roadtrip. I could get used to a life of luxury and constant holidays! I get to have Mami all for myself, and we do nice stuff all of the time. I do like exploring with Mami!

Anyway, this was the longest drive yet, nearly 7 hours. By now I was 10 months old, and an experienced traveller. As soon as we hit the motorway, I was a sleep. I wake up near Ambleside. Mami pitched the tent up in Low Wray campsite by a lake (where else, it is called Lake district, isn't it?).

Last month I was really helpful when Mami was pitching up the tent, but this time she tied me on a tree so I couldn't help! It was windy, and she looked like she really needed some help. A kind lady offered her some help as well, but I told her loud and clear that if my Mami does not want my help, she won't need your help either! Mami was apologising to the lady, and gave me a nasty look...Anyway, she managed to pitch the tent. We had a beautiful view across the lake, and that evening we were sitting side by side under a big tree soaking up the atmosphere. A beautuful summer's evening, a still lake and pink and orange sunset.

No bad at all.. until someone pitched their tent right in front of us! He was so close that throughout the night I could hear him breathing and when he turned his air bed made a squeeking noise and I barked every time. Mami was impressed with me, I could feel that. I do have quite a deep bark, and it the still and quiet of the night it echoed to the other shore of the lake and back. I bet all the other compers admired my warning bark as much as my Mami! At leat they knew someone was guarding them in their sleep.

After a restless sleep (well, I was on guard most of the night!) we got up bright and early, had a heavy breakfast, filled the rucksack with maps, food and water. This is all routine for me by now--Mami likes to do all the work herself, so I just wait patiently.

Mami drove to Grassmere, parked the car and off we went for a nice little walk...we thought!

Alcock Tarn

It turned out to be a hellish 7 hour yomp! We ended up climbing atleast 1200m, and it was steep! And what goes up, must come down. Going downhill is even more painful than going up. An sun was blasting hot from the clear blue sky. It was a glorious walk, great views but, boy, was I happy to see the car! I think secretly Mami was happy too.

Obi 730m high following the ridge ahead.

I said "Thank god for some rest!" when we got back to the tent.

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