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On a beautiful summer's day Mami packed me in the car again -with camping gear- and drove down to South coast. I'm getting used to this long distance car travelling!

We were aiming to find a camping site recommended by Charlie's (my friend Westie) Mum , but we accidentally found Tom's Field near Swanage. A small, friendly camping site with several different recycling bins- Mami had heard about this place earlier from her friend at work, and the site was highly recommended for good walks straight from the gate.

We liked what we saw, and pitched up. This time Mami was prepared to my curiosity and playful nature whilst putting up the tent- she put me into the car! How unfair!

As soon as the tent was up, we aimed straight out from the camp site side gate onto a public footpath leading to "Dancing Ledge". A few hundred meters of walking, and I heard the heavy sighs of the sea for the very first time, and heard the distant screams of the seagulls and saw them gliding over the ledge.

It was magical- I stopped, sat down, looked and listened...I've been on sandy beaches, but never seen anything like this!

It was a lovely little walk complicated by an emerging herd of cows. Mami did not want to go anywhere near the Moo's but whilst we were sitting down and enjoying the evening sun and the fresh salty smell of sea, a herd of cows had appeared on our return path...Mami was not happy, and I realised why when I finally saw the Moo's! I never seen anything so big alive before! The farmer who was walking with the cows reassured Mami that the cows are ok with large dogs, and she reluctantly tried to sneak through the herd of cows to our safety with me on a tow. I could not stop thinking that something REALLY bad is about to happen, and put on all my four brakes- no way I was going to walk past those massive lumps of muscle and horns! They kept stairing at me as well, all thirty of them!!!

No use, I was small and Mami was strong and despite my full brakes she smoothly dragged me throught the pack of Moo's, and sure enough, just like the farmer said, they didn't mind us at all. They just staired at us as I was dragged along throught the gate to the safety. Good job they had no calfs with them- Mami said it would have been a different story then!

Needless to say, I have no pictures of my first encounter with cows! Didn't stop to take any!!!

Next day we went to Studland. Great if you like playing in the sand like I do!

Is it a Giant or a rabbit or a Giant black rabbit with a long tail?

We saw Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove and some really amazing beaches.

 Jurassic Coast it is called, and we saw some fossils too at Kimmeridge.

And fossilised Jurassic Forest at Kimmeridge Bay.

Climbing up from Howbarrow Bay in was a hard day's walk!

One of my naps..Mami seems to like to make a point that I spent most of my time sleeping! Wrong!!

Every day we walked somewhere different, and I can not start to describe how exciting and beautiful it was! The beaches, the Jurassic coast line, the sea cliffes, the sun and the sea- magical!  Hope Mami will take me there again.

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