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Mami and I went to Wales in the end of May to see my friends, Giants Lizzie and Archie!

Mami packed me, our luggage and camping gear into the car, and off we went- I never gone so far in my life!! Rawhide chews and pigs ears kept me occupied, and we stopped for a nice walk at Staffordshire services. "Soon be there", she said. Yeah, right, took her over 4 hours to get us up North Wales, Flintshire!

Lizzie and me May 2008

Old and wise Archie

At Archie's and Lizzie's we got our own room, and Mami popped up my new canvas travel create. I am 8 months old now, and I keep telling Mami that I'm a big boy now and I don't want sleep in the greate. I want to be able to explore the world when ever I wake up! An other thing I don't understand are these doors: Mami closes the door when she goes to sleep--when I try to open it with my paws, she tells me off - I should not use my claws as they leave marks  "So what?" I think "Just leave the stupid door open so I can go where I want! No need to moan about my door opening technique!"

Mami disagreed and popped me in my create and closed the door. Bah! She says that I have to behave myself as we are guests -doh, she does not know how to have fun! Saying that, Satu, Archie' and Lizzie's Mum, is a proper Dominatrix! When she tells, all of us sit down and wait! Including Mami..

Mami and Satu kept on talking all of the time, this gobbeldygoo they call Finnish. They seemed to have great time, thou. They took us to some really nice places as well- I saw the Sea for a very first time, and a big sandy beach!!! WOW!!! Archie and Lizzie get to go there every day!

Obi on the beach

It was fun to play in the sand!

After a couple of days as guests at Archie's and Lizzie's we left and drove down to Snowdon, to Lyn Gwynant. Mami pitched up her canvas create (she calls it "a tent").

She made a comfy bed for herself (I am never allower on the bed at home), and put my travel bed on the floor by her bed. Well, you can imagine what happened next!

In the evening a little cold, wet and tired dog settled down for the night after a busy day.

The same dog in the morning after he slept in Mami's bed! I think she got scared in the night and needed my support and comfort.

Yet an other busy day exploring!

Walking was hard work, and I had several naps. Here I am just waking up after a power-nap!

We had some really nice- and some really long- walks, and every day I got to swim as we were camping by a lake! It was great, and Mami was swimming with me, too!

Last day, on the way home we stopped for a final walk on an empty beach..we didn't want to go, but Mami has a habit of vanishing away for hours a day a few times a week, and she started doing that again as soon as we got back home. She calls it "work". At least Daddy stays with me when Mami goes to "work" (what ever it is, it can not be better than camping holidays!!)

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