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At the tender age of 6 and a half months I went for my first ever roadtrip. Mami packed the car with rucksacks, waterproofs and walking boots, and popped me on the back seat as usual.  I was still a somewhat restless traveller, and Mami was muttering that "If you don't settle during this 3 hour drive I will tie you into a doggy-parcel and stick a bone in your mouth.." so I thought this time she means business and I travelled like a dream. I needed a couple of pigs ears to keep me going initially, but then on the motorway I fell asleep.

I wake up in Holymoorside, Peak District. And to my suprise, there were two other Giants, Archie and Lizzie! "Woww", I said to Mami "this is a coolest thing ever!"



Obi in the big doggies bed!

I loved to tease them until my Dominatrix told me not to. Mami calls her Satu, and she does not appear to be afraid of her. Me, on the other hand, will do whatever whenever she tells me to. She does not seem to understand my cheekiness--Mami I can control quite easily with my cheeky smile and eyes, but the Dominatrix does not take any of that. She says, I do! During the couple of days we spent together, I learned to take a treat nicely from her hand and I learned to wait in my bed while they were having a dinner. I learned to wait quietly. Just like the big dogs do!

We had some great walks along the Dove Dale. I saw my first ever sheep! Very intreaking they were too, white and wobbly, and they always wanted us to chase them! Well, they run away and said "MÄÄÄÄÄ", and that means "Come on, chase me!", doesn't it? Mami says no it doesn't. I think she knows nothing!

The next day we walked along Lathkill Dale, and that was nice too. A lot of swimming and paddling in the river. Lizzie was swimming the most!

The last day Mami and me -just the two of us- walked on Froggatt Edge. I mean, WOW. That was great! Misty, muddy and every now and then, a sheep appeared from nowhere! There was plenty of sheep poo to snack on as well, which was lovely.

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