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 Obi Ob3
20.10.2013 22:14 | A very very proud and happy Mami

Obi (Iservel Dark Secret) attended White Rose Club trial on October 20th, 2013 under Judge Dougie Bannerman (GSDL) and qualified in OB3.

Obi remains the highest qualified UK bred and trained Giant Schnauzer in IPO sport -a hard act to follow!
We have now achieved nearly everything I planned for him -highest level of IPO obedience and tracking qualifications along with basic obedience and temperament test (BH) and endurance test (AD).

Obi Ob3 Tr3 AD BH -that sound and looks very nice to me :-)

Training Obi has really been a labor of love. Hard work -very challenging due to his temperament but at the same time immensely rewarding as I was always working against the odds.

The “Big ThankYou’s” go to our trainers:
Adrian Hornsby for all his help over the years. Adrian helped me to ‘break through’ to Obi’s mind and get us going in obedience and tracking. He taught me everything I know about tracking.

Kamal Fernandez who I found later in Obi’s career. Kamal is my obedience trainer for my younger Giant Fingal, and has been fundamental in helping us to achieve even higher level of motivation and precision in Obi’s work.

Thank you both so very much.

And Thank You my sweed dear Obi -you are one of the kind, and taught me so much!

Following his latest achievement Obi has retired from competition but will carry on tracking as a hobby, and if we are in luck, he’ll achieve FH1 (well, he is not fully retired -every dog needs a hobby!) And he’ll carry on doing obedience for fun as he has grown to enjoy it!

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 - A very very proud and happy Mami





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