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 Fingal IPO1
19.04.2015 20:25 | Super Proud Mami

Fingal Tintenfass Patric HR's Son IPO 1 19.4.2015
A72 B70 C81 223 Courage: A
Judge Cees Jaspers FCI


A very proud Mami -a lot to work to do, but overall am very happy with what we got. Learned loads, and now have a clear vision and plan for near future :-)

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 Happy New Year!
05.01.2015 00:03

Happy New Year!

Fingal will be at Crufts on Thursday March 5th 2015 in Competitive Obedience Inter-Regionals in Southern and South-Eastern Team :-)

And in the Breed Ring on Friday 6th March 2015.

See you there!

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 Obi Ob3
20.10.2013 22:14 | A very very proud and happy Mami

Obi (Iservel Dark Secret) attended White Rose Club trial on October 20th, 2013 under Judge Dougie Bannerman (GSDL) and qualified in OB3.

Obi remains the highest qualified UK bred and trained Giant Schnauzer in IPO sport -a hard act to follow!
We have now achieved nearly everything I planned for him -highest level of IPO obedience and tracking qualifications along with basic obedience and temperament test (BH) and endurance test (AD).

Obi Ob3 Tr3 AD BH -that sound and looks very nice to me :-)

Training Obi has really been a labor of love. Hard work -very challenging due to his temperament but at the same time immensely rewarding as I was always working against the odds.

The “Big ThankYou’s” go to our trainers:
Adrian Hornsby for all his help over the years. Adrian helped me to ‘break through’ to Obi’s mind and get us going in obedience and tracking. He taught me everything I know about tracking.

Kamal Fernandez who I found later in Obi’s career. Kamal is my obedience trainer for my younger Giant Fingal, and has been fundamental in helping us to achieve even higher level of motivation and precision in Obi’s work.

Thank you both so very much.

And Thank You my sweed dear Obi -you are one of the kind, and taught me so much!

Following his latest achievement Obi has retired from competition but will carry on tracking as a hobby, and if we are in luck, he’ll achieve FH1 (well, he is not fully retired -every dog needs a hobby!) And he’ll carry on doing obedience for fun as he has grown to enjoy it!

( Updated: 03.02.2014 12:19 )

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 Fingal BH!!!
30.11.2013 12:20 | Speachless Mami

Fingal and I attended White Rose Club trial on Novemner 30th, 2013 under Judge Gavin Smith (GSDL) and passed the BH test!!!

Fingal did SO well, I am immensly proud of him. He did not set a foot wrong, he was 100% (and some more!) with me, and he felt awesome on my side, every second on the field I could trust him.

BH part 1

BH part 2


Just an awesome boy. So nice to live with, train, and cuddle.

Thank You to my obedience trainer Kamal Fernandez for this amazing technical and drivy performance, and \IPO trainer Adrian Hornsby for the amazing drive.

I am very lucky to have such wonderful Mentors.

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 Spring update
08.05.2013 18:33 | An idiot Mum

It has been a very long, cold and wet winter, and the spring never came -winter just kept going on until early May when we finally had a few days of blissful sunshine and warmth!

On the dog training terms it has been a busy spring. Fingal has attended two super training weekends, first with Kamal Fernandez, and recently, with Joanna Hill. Both super trainers, and Fingal has shown me yet again how clever he is, and how far behind with his training I really am.

It feels that I am forever doing stuff with the dogs, but not progressing so I do need to try and get a bit more systematic to ensure I have a weekly plan what to do -but there just in not enough hours in a day! And every training session with Adrian and Kamal there is something new to get cracking on, when we are still trying to find time and the right moments to do the last sessions stuff....

To top that, Obi's victory run came to a grinding halt. We have attended two trials, one at The South Valley early March where we attempted to pass OB3 but failed due to handler incompetence!!!! And super muddy conditions, and under-trained dog. A surprise? No, not really, but a disappointment and an eye opener.

I had forgotten what happens when a handler looses her cool and gets an empty head -not good. As all has been going pretty swimmingly with Obi of late, I did not expect great difficulties this time. BUT. The tracking was awful -for all dogs, no-one did well. Obi did qualify, thou, with 78 points after a miserable track. He indicated each article by standing up as the ground was wet, and lost the track on couple of occasions, was interested in the wildlife along the edge of the field etc etc but by some miracle actually completed the track to my huge relief -but I was far from pleased! That really was a most dreadful track he had EVER done. Saying that, this was a trial, not a practice round, and he did get through it, and despite fooling a round did find the track again, and indicated the final article beautifully so I should not moan -especially as I so totally let him down during obedience!

So, obedience was done on an extremely muddy slippy wet and slippery field. Obi was actually in a good form, but I had two major worries -I knew that he was far from sound with his 'stand from running' exercise, and I actually had not trained 'down stay' with me me being out of his sight. Ooooops! To be fair, I did not plan to do OB3 in this trial, but as we went to the White Rose and qualified in TR3 and OB2 so it was natural to the greedy me to also put him down for OB3 -just in case he would pass by a fluke. I know, naughty, but I did it.

As said, Obi was actually in good form. He was mentally all there, keen to go and happy. Out dear Judge Jim Jackson was giving critique to the previous pair for about 30 min (it seemed forever!) so we ended up waiting for a long while, ready to go on the field. To keep Obi entertained we did all the tricks under the sky, and he got plenty of reward treats.

Mistake number 1. Do not over-reward and over-trick your low drive dog before the performance.

Our partner on a field was a very vocal GSD who appeared slightly aggressive and ever so slightly out of control.
We were do do down stay first whilst the GSD worked. Good start up, good 'down' and off I went to a hide. I did a sneaky peep out of the hide, and saw Obi lying there with a very upright position with his head up tall and tail wagging in the air, looking for me. O.M.G. He is going to break his down. He is going to break his down. omg he is so going to break his down.

Mistake number 2. Do not loose your faith in your dog, and yourself.

As I stood in the hide and listened to ongoing barking of the GSD doing it's heelwork exercise, I suddenly heard 'HERE!!!HERE!!!COME!' and frantic barking. My mind went totally blank - I was sure the GSD was about to attack Obi, and quickly popped my head out from the hide to see Obi lying there in the same tall tense position, tail wagging high, looking at me and flicking and looking at the GSD. OMGOMGOMG he is so going to break his stay!! He is too high, the GSD is too disruptive with all that barking and I had no idea what happened during the exercise to cause the handler to call the dog (I later heard he went to do a sendaway.) Anyway, the round finally ended, and the GSD never shut up and it seemed like forever.

By the time we were to finish 'down stay' my mind was blank. When the Judge asked me to move, I was aiming for our start up position, and he had to remind me it is the 'send-away' for the GSD, so we had to wait at the side. Urgh.

Mistake number 3. Learn your choreography so that you can do it under ANY circumstance. Even if your mind is blank.

So, we finally started to exercises. Heel work was beautiful, it really was nice. Then, just to show that his passive exercises were not trained he demonstrated and beautiful and very keen 'Stand' on 'sit from motion', 'down from motion' and on 'stand from running' he did beautiful heelwork at running speed, and would not leave my side. All them exercises with a very keen happy little Obi face saying: 'This is what you wanted, isn't it? Yes?? I bet I did it right this time, Mum, didn't I?!' Bless him, you gotta love him.Such a little dear he is <3

Retrieve was as expected, good but not fast enough. Retrieve over hurdle -he jumped over, hit himself pretty hard on the hurdle, and came back around with the dumbell to my side. Retrieve over A-frame - went around, picked up the bell, and just about got over the A-frame after hovering on the top for a second or two which felt like eternity. I had to call him, I was worried he would fall back! He obviously hurt himself on the hurdle, and was put off by it, bless him.

And then...the embarrassment of it all...the bloody dosy handler!!!! For sen-away I somehow totally lost my plot -started up ok, and then was waiting for the judge to tell me from heelwork when to send the dog!!!

Mistake number 3 AGAIN!

Learn your choreography so that you can do it under ANY circumstance. Even if your mind is blank.
Poor Obi was doing his best heelwork, and I looked back to the Judge waiting for the mark to send him, Obi thought I wanted him to 'stand', and stopped looking at me like: 'What are you doing Mum?' and the Judge looked at me like: 'What are you doing woman?' and I was thinking; 'WTF? Am I facing the right way, man?' The very kind Judge gently explained me the exercise, and allowed us a new go. This time Obi's heelwork was tentative, and he eventually went ahead nicely, but did not 'down' on command....................................................
What a f***ing Muppet of a handler!!! 66 point, non-qualifyer, and a very very embarrassed and disappointed idiot handler. Emphasis on a word IDIOT. Did not train the dog adequately, and did not support and lead the dog through the trial in a confident manner.
In critique I was quite rightly told to go and read the rule book.
What a way to do a trial in front of 50+ spectators. Well done me!

Poor Obi, he does deserve better xxx

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